E-mail Management Gmail: Creating Filters And Labels For Quick And Easy E-mail Organization

We all know that the email is an enormous source of many flood solopreneurs, and also one of the largest exodus of time. But e-mail is essential for a successful solopreneur, then you must find a way to organize your emails. Well organized, you will quickly and easily be able to:

Focus on the first priority emails

Skim your emails and see what needs your attention

Get quick and easy

Now I'm a big fan of Outlook and wrote about how you can organize your Outlook Inbox by creating rules and filters. But recently, because many businesses and personal journey that took away my office, I had to work from my laptop, which asked the question how can I access my email? Gmail was the obvious answer - I just forward all my email accounts on my Gmail account and voila! I have access to all my emails!

But ...

Suddenly, all the rules and filters wonderful that I created in Outlook do not, of course, the transfer of Gmail, so I ended up in this huge bunch of emails in my Gmail account ... and I mean hundreds. So, the Queen of 'Office Organization suddenly found himself inundated with e-mail!

Log in ...

Gmail's filters and labels.

With a little research I found that I could easily re rules and filters I set up my Outlook account to work in my Gmail account - they just called filters and labels in Gmail. And when I heard this place has come to RCA e-mail!

So, here's how you can do this in your Gmail account, too:

1: In Gmail, if you click Settings Settings> Mail.

2: Click the Filters link.

3: Select the Create new filter.

4: In this screen you can set the filter criteria. It can be anything:

Since a specific email address

For a specific email address

With some words on the subject

Enter specific words, etc.

5: After setting the search criteria and then click Next Step.

6: On your next screen, you say what you want to achieve with your e-mail:

Skip the Inbox - this is an essential part of the filtration process. If you really want to move an email as soon as it arrives ends up in an alternate folder (which is another name for the label), then you want to make sure that the box is checked. If not, you'll check an e-mail two copies - one of the inbox and the other set for the label.

Apply the label - it is also another important part of the filtration process. This is where you can automatically assign a label to an email and if you chose Skip the inbox, your e-mail will go directly to that label. From here you can also create a new label.

There are other options you can choose here, but the ones I use most is Skip Inbox and use the label.

7: You can also apply for the filter you just created to further e-mail messages that meet the search criteria. Simply check the box that says Use the filter to X, the message below.

8: Click Create a filter and you're done!

You can create as many filters and labels you want. Some examples of different filters / labels that you can create is for:

Individual clients

Newsletters / Ezines

Networking groups

The social media notifications

The new subscriber notices

The new order announcements

This is just one of many systems that are simple to create and make a huge difference in the overall success of your business. After taking control of your e-mail you more productive and efficient.

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