7" Android Tablet PC with G-sensor, Built-in WiFi and Camera

7The PC MID or Android OS comes with a Wi-Fi Camera as well as other features. This is a 7-inch touch screen tablet PC MID that promises to bring the market to a standstill with some of the wonderful features that it brings to the table. This android tablet has a CPU capability of 800MHz and this is based on the serial model VIA 8650 . The storage unit can go up to 2GB using NAND Flash technology; supports up to 32GB Micro SD Memory. You will get touch control with a sliding menu. The orientation sensor allows for automatic steering on the display screen.The sound effects that they have come with include a stereo speaker as well as the obligatory built in microphone. The web video capability uses ICON technology to access YouTube videos. The games will allow for a G-sensor facility. There is a 30 pin interface as well as a stereo audio output. The High Fidelity stereo speaker output ensures that the sound is not interrupted in any way.


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