I Got My Spouse's Original Kindle (the roller one) Now What Can I Do?

I Got My Spouse's Original Kindle (the roller one) Now What Can I Do?What? You didn't get a new Amazon Kindle (TM) ? Your spouse did, and now you have the hand-me-down older one? It's NOT a DX or K2? It has a ROLLER? It's the original one. The K1 .. You need this book! It's only for that model.

Absolutely ALL About Free eBooks, Audiobooks, PDFs, MP3 music, JPEGS, Email, calendar, SMS Texting, Mp3 Music, Text to Speech, GPS mapping, web browsing, Shopping, Accessories and Personality on Your still cool Kindle. The only eBook your Kindle Original Edition really needs.

It's NOT another tiny user guide, but a big, very fun read, over 45,000 words and 100 pages, yet fully up-to-date as of November 2011 and covering everything you'll really want to do, read and listen to in comfort: buy security cases, newest lights, covers, and accessories. Cope with and Fix all the Kindle's little quirks, how to read in bed or on the beach, where and how to get a thousand e-books into your free library, use RSS and subscriptions for free, where to check scores and stocks, get web resources and conversion software, or completely personalize Kindle to be totally tech-chic and make it Yours... Oh, sure, and how to show it off with a killer demo as well.

(What did we add in the latest update? Some pesky typo corrections; a better way to get GMAIL; Yahoo mail and calendar, more on how to put quick jumplinks in your very own documents; and whoa! --more Pirates? Run! Wake the garrison!)

Yes, this one eBook really DOES have everything about the Kindle carefully explained in it, plus indexes, hyperlinks, and a sense of humor too. (Buy it right now, or we'll make the ship's cat walk the plank..again)

(TM) ..Yes, we know, "Amazon" and "Kindle" are Trademarks of Amazon, Inc.

Price: $9.99

Click here to buy from Amazon

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