..A Kindle Browser HOMEPAGE ...ONE CLICK to NEWS, GMAIL, YAHOO mail, election coverage in Kindle's browser

..A Kindle Browser HOMEPAGE ...ONE CLICK to NEWS, GMAIL, YAHOO mail, election coverage in Kindle's browserWould you like to go visit websites in one or two Kindle clicks? Do you want to get to Google search more easily and search CUIL, too? Now you can! Get rid of Amazon's default bookmarks and forget those funny browser launching menus. Just click this HOMEPAGE document and there they all are -- the REAL places to get news, sports, stock info and quotes, travelers weather, free eBooks and audio books, your Email, and latest blogs about Kindling. Even shopping deals of the day.

Click what you want; it opens immediately and you're reading. This handy item turns Kindle surfing from awkward to slick! It lets Kindle be more like your PDA. It will sit at the top of your title-sorted homepage so it's always there for you. You can even download free ebooks and check or buy Amazon's latest store items from it.

Special - ELECTION COVERAGE political sites are included! Track your candidate's breaking news. Follow either Obama/Biden or McCain/Palin!. Read what your favorite analysts are saying.

Sure, you could go bookmark a bunch of sites, but these links aren't the ordinary ones you know. All are tested to work well on your Kindle. Everything is labeled, organized and arranged in flip menus for quickest use. You get them all for the price of one latte.

Extra special - INCLUDES TIPS ON BROWSER SETUP and what to do if it freezes up.

And More! Buy this then check back once in a while for updated versions. Ask for additions and we may add them. You'll get any and all added links without extra charge just by deleting your Kindle copy and re-downloading the latest version from Amazon.

You're going to love this, so get it now, you deserve it. Buy the latte, too.

Q: Can I add my own links to these menus? A: No, it's a book document, so I have to do that in future editions. Enter a review and suggest additions. You do still get to create your own bookmarks though - once any site is open you click the roller and also get to them, and there's lots of room because you don't need to keep any of the default ones any more. But once you see how it's done you may want try your own version of menus

Price: $2.99

Click here to buy from Amazon

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