..Best Kindle 2011 Calendar and Daily Journal (1-7-11 updated) .. Access Google Calendar Too

..Best Kindle 2011 Calendar and Daily Journal (1-7-11 updated) .. Access Google Calendar TooNeed a little 2011 calendar in your Kindle? There are several attempts, all different prices.. But do you just want one that's simple, formatted so you can really use it? Here it is. Not elaborate, long, or clunky, just clear, efficient and complete. Jump instantly to the time frame you want - using quick, active hyperlinks.

-- Enter your free form notes or To Do's day by day or month by month..

-- One simple notes journal for the current week -- not trying to fake an hourly planner, - (which really isn't possible unless it's an active content Kindle app - and there aren't any) - but you have 3 notes per day to use as you prefer (i.e. AM, PM, and evening).

-- Short, very, very compact and easy to use

-- A 12 Month calendar set for 2011 that shows what you need - the day of a particular date. You can enter one note against each month, too, or 3 for each quarter. (A note is freeform text. One note can include all the appointments you want in it.)

-- A 4 year calendar view --2008 through 2011 ..look ahead or look back ( the one past 'reviewer' who thought this was only two weeks, had only looked at and reviewed the free sample - which is the first 10 percent. Nice, but having the whole thing is better, and really does include 2 weeks journal plus 4 years calendars..)

-- Handy jumplinks all through -- one click to go see what you want without a lot of paging

No, this will not promise to completely replace your Outlook Agenda, ring alarms, or automatically feed your goldfish. The current Kindle is not yet opened to everyone for programming like that. But it does use (and explains) the Kindle notes capability to its fullest. See all notes at once, search among them, or back them all up to your PC.
Update 1-7-11 Now it's entirely current for 2011: For good measure, we added online calendar access for Google calendar Yes, you can do all this from your Kindle. Not bad for the price of one Latte, is it?

Price: $0.99

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